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Manhattan Medical Malpractice Law Blog

Welcome To Our Medical Malpractice Blog

If you or someone you love has been injured due to the negligence of another person or organization, it is important to know your legal rights. Keeping current on relevant legislation and court decisions involving personal injury and medical malpractice claims is an important part of recognizing and asserting your rights.

At Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman, P.C., we have dedicated our careers to helping people throughout New York with issues ranging from car accidents and workplace accidents to birth injuries and surgical errors. We have created this Blog for the purpose of informing injury victims on new developments in legal areas that affect them.

We also hope this Blog allows us to learn more about your concerns. We invite you to share your opinions, worries and questions about the topics we discuss on these pages.

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Fosamax Settlement Proposed: $27.7M for 1,200 Plaintiffs

Fosamax is a biphosphate drug made by a Pharmaceutical giant, Merck & Co. Inc. This medicine is available under prescription for the treatment of osteoporosis. Other women used it to prevent the condition after entering menopause.

New Efforts Failing to Prevent Wrong-Site Nerve Blocks

Nerve block is an injection that patients receive to numb nerves that cause pain in a particular area of the body. The injection is administered during surgery, and is very common in states such as Illinois. When a patient needs nerve blocks, the most important person in the patient’s life at this time is the anesthesiologist. He is responsible for numbing these nerves.

Pregnant Drivers at Higher Risk of Car Crashes: Study

According to a Canadian study, pregnant drivers are at risk of suffering from serious car accident than other drivers. The severity of the injury increases in women going through the second trimester. The study conducted under the leadership of Dr. Donald Redelmeier at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, did a study on more than five hundred thousand women who were pregnant. The study took place for several years studying the pregnant women and a year later after delivery. Here are the results of the study:

Finding a Medical Malpractice Lawyer to Help You

Medical malpractice happens at the least expected moments. It happens to anyone of whichever age and in any medical facility. Factors surrounding the malpractice might be complicated that an experienced medical malpractice lawyer is highly needed.

U.S. Gov't to Pay $6.5M for Baby's Brain Injury

When a couple is expecting a child, they take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the child is born without birth defect. This is why it is painful when you have done all you can but someone else’s negligence denies your baby a normal life. This is what happened when Haiden Rivera, now a five year old boy, suffered from brain damage.

The Mistakes Accident Victims Make in Believing They Have No Case

If you were involved in a car accident, you might think that filing a claim is a long and tiring process that you might not want to engage in. This is hardly the case. The worst thing that you can do is not to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. Additionally, you pay your insurer for such times. You do not need to spend more money on medical expenses and vehicle damage.

Medical Malpractice Market Moving Away from Traditional Coverage Offering

The Affordable Care Act has necessitated the need for better and quality healthcare for patients while in hospital. Medical malpractice experts now need to manage these new healthcare requirements. Traditional forms of coverage cannot work anymore. Instead of insuring clients with coverage that only caters for the conventional diseases and outpatient care, patients now want coverage that has value.

Prescription, Drug and Medical Device Injury Lawsuits

Prescription drugs and medical devices have gained popularity especially in America. Studies show that half of Americans take one prescription drug. Indeed, the sale of medical devices is at a record eighty five billion dollars every year. The worst thing is that the injuries that arise from drugs and these devices are so debilitating than the injuries that patients had in the beginning.

How to Find The Best Attorney For a Car Accident

Auto accidents are surprisingly still the leading cause of death in the world today, second only to cancer. This is despite the plentiful amount of advertising against driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. The results of car accidents are often quite devastating. If victims are not severely injured then they have lost their lives. If the car does not get slight denting, it is a complete wreck- beyond repair kind of thing. Involvement in an auto accident will require the assistance of an attorney.

The Personal Injury Lawsuit for the Nine-Year-Old Rusty Spike That Injured an 11 Year-Old-Girl has Finally Settled

The plaintiff in the case, Tamara Long, was visiting the defendant, Laeiad T. Hurless, at her home on April 5, 2006, when the injury occurred.  Long and her friend, Joanna Hurless, were climbing a stack of railroad ties on the patio of Hurless’ home. 

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