Auto accidents are surprisingly still the leading cause of death in the world today, second only to cancer. This is despite the plentiful amount of advertising against driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. The results of car accidents are often quite devastating. If victims are not severely injured then they have lost their lives. If the car does not get slight denting, it is a complete wreck- beyond repair kind of thing. Involvement in an auto accident will require the assistance of an attorney.

Insurance companies and compensation

The car accident you choose should be able to assist you in all the steps of filing a claim for compensation from the insurance company as well as doing the investigations to determine the party at fault. Insurance companies are notorious for refusing or delaying the compensation process. You do not want to get compensation for injuries sustained in an accident some three years after it occurred.

The insurance companies are not the only problem for some people - who is at fault? Blame games will always be there even if someone is evidently at fault. They will always want to find a way out of the blame. Carrying out the investigations and filing the lawsuit for personal injury can be quite a tiresome process. This is why a lawyer is important.

Selecting your lawyer

There is no short supply of car accident lawyers. Therefore, you will have quite a good number of options to choose from. However, what is it that you should look for so that you can select the best of them all?

n  Experience

Is the lawyer experienced in what he does? People who have handled several car accident cases successfully are the best option. You can find a lawyer with more than ten years in the practice but has only managed to win a handful of the cases.

n  Commitment

The worst thing you can do is work with a lawyer who does not take your case seriously. Some lawyers want it all and take more cases than they can actually handle. You call your lawyer and he/she gets back to you several days later. Make sure that you choose a lawyer who is really committed to winning the case for you.

n  Fee structure

It is not compulsory that you pay half the national debt in order to afford the services of a good lawyer. Check out for a lawyer who has a reasonable fee structure and one who allows you to pay in a variety of ways. Most car accident attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay after they have won the case for you.