The Affordable Care Act has necessitated the need for better and quality healthcare for patients while in hospital. Medical malpractice experts now need to manage these new healthcare requirements. Traditional forms of coverage cannot work anymore. Instead of insuring clients with coverage that only caters for the conventional diseases and outpatient care, patients now want coverage that has value.

Here are some of the changes in insurance coverage:

1.    Nurses and physician assistants are now offering more care to patients in hospitals. In the past, these medical personnel were not as active in the patient’s medical needs.

2.    Insurers are now focusing on agents and patients as well. In the past, the insurer focused on one market. Currently, insurance companies are now offering coverage for both parties

3.    The establishment of accountable care organizations, ACO, has necessitated the need for better insurance coverage for the hospital and the patient as well. Currently, these organizations serve more than seventeen percent of Americans.

4.    The coverage now includes a number of physician practices as compared to the traditional cover.

It will take some time before the insurer adjusts to this new coverage models. This is because this new cover is more about improving the outcome of the patient. This can be risky for the insurer whose only concern in the past was coming up with a basic policy that offered medical care to the patient. Since healthcare institutions have adapted to new standards of medical care, there is definitely the need to ensure that patients receive quality care while they are in hospital or seeking out patient care. Failure to this can result in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor or the hospital or both.

The government and legislators have played a role in ensuring that all patients have access to affordable quality health care. Of course, this comes with an insurance cover that guarantees the same. In cases where the doctor is negligent in offering quality health care and this leads to injuries, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit.

For you to prove liability of the doctor, you need to show the insurer that the doctor acted carelessly. If another doctor who was in the same position offered treatment, this injury would not have happened. Thus, medical malpractice cases need an expert witness to authenticate the claim. With the assistance of an attorney, you will get compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering.