Prescription drugs and medical devices have gained popularity especially in America. Studies show that half of Americans take one prescription drug. Indeed, the sale of medical devices is at a record eighty five billion dollars every year. The worst thing is that the injuries that arise from drugs and these devices are so debilitating than the injuries that patients had in the beginning.

Manufacturers of drugs and medical devices have the legal duty to ensure that their products are safe for consumers. The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, ensures that these products undergo testing for safety before they enter the market. However, defective products still enter the market.

Prescription drugs and medical devices lawsuits fall under product liability. Here are some common product liability lawsuits:

Design defects

In this case, the manufacturer designed the product improperly such that it leads to injuries. For instance, in the case of a hip implant, the implant disintegrates in the patient’s body and this leads to poisoning of the blood among other ailments. In most cases, the manufacturer will change the design of the product and reintroduce it to the market.

Marketing defects

This especially relates to prescription drugs. In one case, the manufacturer may not outline all the side effects that can occur after taking the drug. Secondly, failing to give adequate instruction on how to use the drug can lead to an under dose or an overdose. Failing to indicate warnings concerning the drug especially for those who have an allergic reaction or are pregnant can also result to severe injuries and death. Overselling is also another challenge that consumers always fall for when it comes to medical devices and prescription drugs.

Manufacturing defects

While there are cases where the design of the product is ok, manufacturing defect can lead to a product liability suit. For instance, a medical device may have a correct design; the company then indicates all the risks associated with using the device and other warnings, which means it has done marketing correctly. However, the manufacturer makes a mistake in the manufacturing process and this leads to injuries.

In some cases, people suffer from drugs and devices that have not received proper testing. The law provides relief in the form of product liability lawsuits so that you can recover from manufacturer’s negligence and carelessness. It is therefore important to hire a personal injury attorney so that you can get compensation for your injuries as well as pain and suffering.