Fosamax is a biphosphate drug made by a Pharmaceutical giant, Merck & Co. Inc. This medicine is available under prescription for the treatment of osteoporosis. Other women used it to prevent the condition after entering menopause.

This drug was in use preferably in 2007 but after a while, patients began to experience severe injuries:

1.    Bloating and stomach pains

2.    Mild heart burn

3.    Nausea

4.    Vomiting

5.    Constipation

6.    Joint swelling and pain

7.    Eye pain, headaches and dizziness

8.    After some time, the victims started to suffer from Osteonecrosis of the jaw, ONJ. This was popularly known as jaw death. In this case, the jaw crumbles and completely dies. Patients began to complain about loss of teeth, pain and exposure of the jawbone and disfigurement.

There were therefore 5,255 lawsuits that victims filed, which qualify this case as a class action suit. Of these cases, 1,140 cases would receive a settlement worth 27.7 million dollars. According to experts, the company made more than three billion in 2007 from the sale of this drug. Attorneys are still requesting victims to contact their law firms so that they can join in the class action suit and get compensation for their injuries.

The settlement still leaves more than four thousand cases unsettled. For the victims to join the class action suit, they need to have suffered similar injuries. Thus, most plaintiffs stay left out of the settlement because they did not have ONJ. Other plaintiffs who suffered from jaw death may have opted for individual suits as opposed to class action lawsuits. This is because suing this way will ensure that you receive a larger compensation than what you would receive in a class action suit.

Fosamax has been under the watchful eye of the Food and Drug administration for quite a while. This is because the drug caused severe bone related conditions. There are some patients who suffered from musculoskeletal pain and femur fractures after taking the drugs.  It is true that some victims suffered from mild conditions such as the ones listed above. The best form of action when this happens is to contact an attorney and join in the class action suit. The odds for receiving compensation are very high this way compared to filing the lawsuit solo.

Manufacturers are under the mandate to ensure that the products they sell to the market are safe for the consumer. When this does not happen and you suffer injuries, you need to seek compensation for the same through the assistance of an attorney.