Nerve block is an injection that patients receive to numb nerves that cause pain in a particular area of the body. The injection is administered during surgery, and is very common in states such as Illinois. When a patient needs nerve blocks, the most important person in the patient’s life at this time is the anesthesiologist. He is responsible for numbing these nerves.

The first thing that the doctors will do when prepping the patient for surgery is to make sure that they have the right body part that needs nerve blocks. There are cases where the surgeon will check and counter check the body part by marking it and asking the patient. As soon as the patient is on the operating table, the anesthesiologist administers the nerve block. However, there are times when the patient receives the nerve block on the wrong body part. This is what is known as wrong-site nerve block.

If you are a victim of wrong-site nerve block, you have the right to file a medical malpractice claim. Here are the circumstances of the case:

1.    When a nerve block is done incorrectly, it can lead to permanent nerve damage. No one should deny you the right to feel or use any of your senses. When you suffer such an injury, the attorney will use the doctor’s report to prove that indeed you suffered from an injury due to negligence of the doctor and anesthesiologist. 

2.    Wrong-site surgery means that the surgeon made a surgical error. This mistake is tantamount to a breach of standard care that the doctor vowed to offer the patient.

In an effort to curb surgical errors, it is important that the hospital implements policies on how surgeries will be conducted. According to research, when doctors follow the approved policies, wrong-site surgeries would not occur. It is also important that anesthesiologists and other medical practitioners are adequately trained to handle new procedures and other treatment methods so that they would not jeopardize the life of the patient.

Nerve blocks are definitely a huge relief for a patient who is suffering from gut wrenching pain. This comes with a lot of comfort for the patient because he does not have to deal with pain anymore. However, the mistake of the doctor or anesthesiologist during surgery can lead to permanent injuries or death. When this happens, you need to consult an attorney. The attorney will ensure that you are compensated for your injuries.