When a couple is expecting a child, they take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the child is born without birth defect. This is why it is painful when you have done all you can but someone else’s negligence denies your baby a normal life. This is what happened when Haiden Rivera, now a five year old boy, suffered from brain damage.

Haiden was born in a medical center in Fort Hood’s Carl R. Darnall army base when the mother had induced labor. This labor is what led to the injuries of the baby. After Haiden was born, a doctor told the mother that he would suffer from cerebral palsy because of the brain damage. This was after he was airlifted to another hospital in Lackland Air Force base, San Antonio.

Since the hospital is a government institution, the parents of the child filed a lawsuit against the government. The federal government offered 6.5 million dollars to settle the case. Here are the reasons why:

1.    Negligence of the doctors when inducing labor. The doctors failed to monitor the health of the baby and as such, he suffered from a birth trauma.

2.    The baby suffered from lack of oxygen during delivery. This can lead to a severe case of cerebral palsy, where the brain function and movement of the baby is affected. According to the CDC, one in twenty children who suffer from this condition do so because of lack of oxygen during delivery.

3.    Doctors ignored the dangers of the over stimulated contractions that the mother suffered before delivery. These contractions were because the mother received oxytocin, which has been proven to lead to botched delivery. These contractions were bound to affect the baby.

It is important to notice that in this case, the government agreed to a settlement and not a judgment. Most settlements are such that both parties come to an agreement. There is hardly any admission of negligence or guilt. A judge signs the agreement because it shows that both parties have settled their differences in good faith. With the settlement, the Rivieras cannot file a lawsuit against the government again. The money will ensure that Haiden’s future is well taken care of.

If your baby is a victim of a birth defect because of the doctor’s negligence, the hospital can be held accountable for his actions. With the assistance of an attorney, you can seek compensation so that your child’s future is not affected because of this negligence.