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Manhattan Medical Malpractice Law Blog

Welcome To Our Medical Malpractice Blog

If you or someone you love has been injured due to the negligence of another person or organization, it is important to know your legal rights. Keeping current on relevant legislation and court decisions involving personal injury and medical malpractice claims is an important part of recognizing and asserting your rights.

At Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman, P.C., we have dedicated our careers to helping people throughout New York with issues ranging from car accidents and workplace accidents to birth injuries and surgical errors. We have created this Blog for the purpose of informing injury victims on new developments in legal areas that affect them.

We also hope this Blog allows us to learn more about your concerns. We invite you to share your opinions, worries and questions about the topics we discuss on these pages.

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Medical Malpractice Market Moving Away from Traditional Coverage Offerings

The Affordable Care Act has necessitated the need for better and quality healthcare for patients while in hospital. Medical malpractice experts now need to manage these new healthcare requirements. Traditional forms of coverage cannot work anymore. Instead of insuring clients with coverage that only caters for the conventional diseases and outpatient care, patients now want coverage that has value.

Personal Injury, Robotics and the Future of Litigation

In mechanical and electrical engineering, a robotics branch mainly deals with construction of automated robots. With the help of computer systems to enable their function, the robots mean to replace the roles of human beings. The expectation is that they will perform better than the human would have in the same position.

Neglect and Abuse Found at Preferred Care Inc. Nursing Home has Reached an Unacceptable Level

There have been many disturbing new documents and reports filed including the facility taking hours to simply bathe and feed elderly patients.  A thorough investigation revealed many areas that were consistently understaffed and poorly managed.  From 2011 to 2014, there were multiple claims of abuse and neglect that led to death or severe injury.

Does a Hospital, by Law, Have to Disclose That a Doctor in Training is Serving You?

When you go to hospital because you are sick, you expect that the doctor who checks on you is qualified and experienced. This sometimes may not be the case. There are times when a doctor in training can treat you. The question is whether the hospital is required to inform you that the said doctor is still training.


A colonoscopy is an important procedure for patients suffering from colon problems such as bowel problems, rectal bleeding and as a follow up for colon cancer treatments. Firstly, the doctor will clean the colon and the abdomen of the patient. The patient is required to adjust the diet so that the procedure is successful.

Can I Get Life Insurance for a Parent if They Are on Medicaid?

People with low income have the right to receive Medicaid from the federal government. In the event that they fall sick, they use this health insurance to seek treatment in hospital. The best thing about Medicaid is the fact that it can cover treatment of the patient until he or she gets better.

Myths and Facts about Medical Malpractice Lawyers

So many medical errors and mistakes happen in hospitals today. It is a matter of concern that few medical malpractice cases that reach the court. This means that indeed there is a reason why patients shy away from seeking the assistance of a medical malpractice attorney.

Low-Testosterone Treatment Lawsuits: 5 Common Questions

More and more men are a seeking out treatment for low levels of testosterone. These so-called low-T treatments have been quite beneficial in helping men regain their masculinity but they have also brought in a number of lawsuits from those who claim to have suffered adverse health effects. Although many men have claimed that the positive effects of low-T therapy are more than the risks reported. Such reported risks include that these treatments can increase the risk of heart attacks plus a host of other issues. Here are some of five questions that you might be asking yourself concerning the low-t treatment lawsuits.

A surgical needle still in-patient found 6 months after surgery, is this medical malpractice?

Dreadful stories have been told of how patients underwent surgery and it was so successful, or so they were made to believe. Some 6 months later they start falling sick again. When they go for a test it’s discovered the surgeon left a surgical needle, a scalpel or a pair of scissors inside the patient. This has to be the highest level of negligence and, surprisingly, it happens quite a lot. When dealing with someone else’s life, you should be very careful, and forgetting should not occur in any way.

Brain Dead Pregnant Woman's Husband Sues Hospital

As soon as a patient is taken to hospital with severe injuries, it is common for the doctors to do everything they can to save his or her life. The patient might require life support for some time until he or she recovers, or it reaches a point where recovery is not possible, and the life support must be switched off.

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