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POSTS TAGGED "delayed diagnosis"

The "Weekend Effect" Holds True for Head Injury Victims: Higher Likelihood of a Fatality When Admitted on the Weekend

 Just over a month ago, we blogged about so-called "July Effect," which suggests that July can be the worst time for a patient to enter the hospital since that is when all of the new interns enter. It raised an interesting question as to whether there are other times of the year, month, week or even day that tend to be a bit risky for hospital patients.

According to a study done by researchers from John Hopkins, it appears that there are patterns in patient care, and the odds of death for patients admitted on the weekend is higher than those who are admitted during the week.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Surgical Research, reviewed over 38,000 records of patients who had suffered head trauma. It found head injuries admitted on the weekend, even if it was less severe of a head injury, were more likely to prove fatal. The results were not a surprise to many health care professionals, as previous studies have already established a well-known "weekend effect" when it comes to heart attacks, strokes and aneurisms.

FAQ: Is a perforated colon always due to malpractice?

 Perforated bowels or colons are not always due to a surgical error or medical malpractice. Some surgeries carry a natural risk of organ perforation even though it is not always a matter of medical negligence, notably where dense scar tissue is present. But doctors do have a duty to warn of such a risk prior to abdominal surgeries like hysterectomies. Additionally, doctors should look for signs of bowel perforation following surgical procedures. Delayed diagnosis of a perforated colon could result in serious infection and a medical negligence lawsuit.

But because every case is unique, it is important to talk to an attorney to find out how the law applies to your situation. Email our office or call 212-750-1200 to schedule a free consultation.

FAQ: Can a doctor be sued for failing to diagnose an eye infection?

 Doctors must follow certain standards of care. When proper standards are not followed and a doctor fails to diagnose any condition, then he or she can be held responsible. These standards apply not only to physicians, but to all health care professionals - including nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, ophthalmologists, X-ray technicians and dentists. If you were injured by a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis, call us for a free consultation at 212-750-1200.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Could Cost NY Woman Her Life

 Misdiagnosis can have serious consequences - in some cases, a missed diagnosis or delayed diagnosis can even be life ending. For one New York woman, a delayed diagnosis of breast cancerhas left her life hanging in the balance.

In 2002, the 50-year-old Long Island woman discovered a lump in her breast. Concerned about the marble-sized lump, the woman went to see a doctor at the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center in Stony Brook. The doctor determined that it was not a malignant lump, and told her to return for her annual exam the next year.

Sixteen months later, she went in for her annual exam. The lump had grown to the size of a golf ball. After running a number of tests, another doctor diagnosed it as breast cancer.

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