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Radiology Medical Malpractice

The role of radiologists in healthcare has evolved over the past few years. This is because of the increased advancements in radiology technology. Radiologists have gotten more duties and responsibilities. This exposes them to higher risks of legal claims being leveled against them. Medical malpractice lawsuits in radiology are often related to inappropriate medical care or poor physician-patient relationship. Getting injured during a radiological procedure is quite easy and the results can be devastating.

Medication Errors in Hospitals and Doctors Offices

Medication errors are popular in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices and other health care facilities. These errors include, but are not limited to, wrong prescriptions, surgery errors, wrong or delayed diagnosis and wrong lab reports. A simple error can be life changing to a patient. A simple appointment to a dental clinic to get rid of a toothache can lead to death of the patient. This is how serious medication errors can be. The worst thing is that even the best and highly acclaimed doctors can cause medication errors. For this reason, it is important to know what to do to prevent and deal with these errors should they happen to you.

Research Probes Autisms Origins in the Brain

Autism is a condition that affects the individual’s behavior and ability to relate with other people. Communication is also challenging. At least one in every eighty eight children suffers from autism in the United States. One cause of autism is genes. This genetic mutation appears in mid trimester. When this happens, there is interruption of the formation of cells in the brain that are responsible for movement, perception, language and conscious thought. The changes therefore cause faulty wiring in the brain. 

Scientists Grow Model Brain from Stem Cells

The benefits of this are obvious; people who need transplants will be able to get them and have complete elimination of the risk of rejection. However, this is new territory and the boundaries are not yet defined meaning that people could abuse this resource in the name of science resulting in serious ethical violations.

Protecting Lungs during Abdominal Surgery May Decrease Complications

During abdominal surgery procedures, adjustment of certain ventilator settings, it could result to fewer complications of pulmonary after the surgery. If doctors adjust lung-protective ventilation, a patient has less chances of suffering pulmonary complications following the surgical procedure, according to a new research. French scientists divided two groups from 400 patients where one group received the standard ventilation in their abdominal surgery and the other received lung protection ventilation. The latter technique is applicable for patients admitted to ICU.

Physician - Patient Privilege & Workers' Compensation Claims

The physician-patient privilege is one of the most important items in the code of ethics for medical practitioners. Physicians are not allowed to discuss a patient’s personal information with any unauthorized individuals. The privacy of the patient is supposed to be maintained at all times regardless of whether the patient is the queen of England or some hotshot celebrity. However, what happens to this physician-patient privilege when filing a claim for injuries?

What is Behind Medical Malpractice?

With the increase of medical malpractice cases, you cannot help but wonder what is behind it all. In order to understand these cases, you must know why they are filed. A medical malpractice case is filed when a doctor or a medical practitioner harms his patient. While patients seek medical attention from a qualified doctor, sometimes this leads to severe injuries and death because the doctor was simply careless. In an effort to hold the doctor accountable and to ensure that the patient recovers from these injuries, a medical malpractice case is filed.

Fire at the Construction Site Under Penn Station Could Pose Serious Dangers for Workers

The recent underground fire that disrupted train service at Penn Station has officially been declared as an accident.  Initially, the FDNY was under the impression that the fire was intentionally started, as it appeared to be suspicious.

NYC Medical Malpractice Lawyer and Their Assistance

Medical abuse appears when an expert or health caretaker fails to pursue the standards of care, making injury to the victim. In New York medical negligence counselors see a variation of allegations, along with failing to diagnose a medical situation, failing to identify the risk of a ailment (and thus, not doing a diagnosis), introducing the wrong curing method, imposing the wrong medications, and many other kinds of mismanagement. This misdeed can cause extra injury, unwanted pain or even the illegal death of a patient. At TGL P.C, their malpractice advocates (based in New York, NY) swiftly evaluating your case and helps identify if an allegation for medical malpractice can be brought. Not every misconception gives rise to a malpractice assertion, and their medical abuse attorneys need to determine your case and analyze if a valid claim exists.

Consult the Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer New York

Medical misconduct is adept mismanagement on the part of a health caretaker. This means that the professional’s care and treatment falls down from the approved standard of care in the medical association. As an outcome of this anomaly from the standard of care and treatment, low quality treatment causes injury or death to the victim. Most claims including medical malpractice are due to a health care provider’s medical mistake.

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