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POSTS TAGGED "medical accident lawyers"

New Efforts Failing to Prevent Wrong-Site Nerve Blocks

Nerve block is an injection that patients receive to numb nerves that cause pain in a particular area of the body. The injection is administered during surgery, and is very common in states such as Illinois. When a patient needs nerve blocks, the most important person in the patient’s life at this time is the anesthesiologist. He is responsible for numbing these nerves.

The Personal Injury Lawsuit for the Nine-Year-Old Rusty Spike That Injured an 11 Year-Old-Girl has Finally Settled

The plaintiff in the case, Tamara Long, was visiting the defendant, Laeiad T. Hurless, at her home on April 5, 2006, when the injury occurred.  Long and her friend, Joanna Hurless, were climbing a stack of railroad ties on the patio of Hurless’ home. 

Magnet Ingestion Injuries on the Rise Despite Warnings

Magnets made from iron and neodymium also referred to as super magnets entered the market more than a decade ago. They found use in children’s toys and other goods. Their popularity led to production of magnets as desk toys that adults could use while at work. These magnets combine to form shapes and other patterns. Although the marketing of these magnets was to adults, there are cases where children get their hands on them because they look so appealing that they cannot pass the chance to play with them.

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