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Dangerous Devices and Drugs Archives

Fosamax Settlement Proposed: $27.7M for 1,200 Plaintiffs

Fosamax is a biphosphate drug made by a Pharmaceutical giant, Merck & Co. Inc. This medicine is available under prescription for the treatment of osteoporosis. Other women used it to prevent the condition after entering menopause.

Prescription, Drug and Medical Device Injury Lawsuits

Prescription drugs and medical devices have gained popularity especially in America. Studies show that half of Americans take one prescription drug. Indeed, the sale of medical devices is at a record eighty five billion dollars every year. The worst thing is that the injuries that arise from drugs and these devices are so debilitating than the injuries that patients had in the beginning.

Low-Testosterone Treatment Lawsuits: 5 Common Questions

More and more men are a seeking out treatment for low levels of testosterone. These so-called low-T treatments have been quite beneficial in helping men regain their masculinity but they have also brought in a number of lawsuits from those who claim to have suffered adverse health effects. Although many men have claimed that the positive effects of low-T therapy are more than the risks reported. Such reported risks include that these treatments can increase the risk of heart attacks plus a host of other issues. Here are some of five questions that you might be asking yourself concerning the low-t treatment lawsuits.

Endo Transvaginal Mesh Settlement: $830M for 20K Claims

Transvaginal mesh was inserted in women who had pelvic organ prolapsed. This is a condition where organs such as the bladder have the ability to slip from the pelvic wall and enter the vagina. At least seventy thousand patients received this mesh by 2010. What the patients did not know about the mesh was that there were severe complications to be expected after surgery.

Affluenza Teen's Victim to Get $2M Settlement

One of the worst news that you can receive is that your loved one has died because of a negligent driver. This is what happened when a teenager in North Texas killed several people and caused serious injuries to twelve others.

Radiology Medical Malpractice

The role of radiologists in healthcare has evolved over the past few years. This is because of the increased advancements in radiology technology. Radiologists have gotten more duties and responsibilities. This exposes them to higher risks of legal claims being leveled against them. Medical malpractice lawsuits in radiology are often related to inappropriate medical care or poor physician-patient relationship. Getting injured during a radiological procedure is quite easy and the results can be devastating.

Actos (pioglitazone) and Bladder Cancer Litigation

Technology has made it possible to produce so many drugs for treating the same medical condition. This has been of benefit, but then it has also led to some devastating results. Can you imagine developing a terminal disease to add onto another one that you already have? This is what the drug known as Actos (pioglitazone) can do to you. This drug has had devastating effects on the lives of many a diabetes sufferer across the United States.

When Your Medication Harms You: Pharmaceutical Drugs Liability

The fourth leading cause of people’s deaths in US is the adverse reactions caused by drugs that are termed prescription drugs, according to Newsweek. Pharmacists have the mandate to observe legal duty of care when they prescribe medications. Every year, pharmaceutical companies introduce new prescription drugs and more people continue to suffer because of problems induced by the medications they take.

When Your Medication Harms You: Pharmaceutical Drug Liability

In the United States, pharmaceutical mistakes and errors cause close to more than one million cases of injuries or deaths every year. The pharmaceutical business is growing and it attracts about $400 billion in earnings from the sale of drugs. Companies are scrambling to get the biggest profits from this business with some of them taking shortcuts to deliver medications not fully tested for safety of patients.  The use of prescription medications has become widespread and there has been rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry.

No Connection Seen Between Dementia, Common Eye Disease

According to the National Eye Institute, age related macular generation, AMG, causes loss of vision in people above the age of fifty. This condition damages the macula, a spot located near the retina. The macula is responsible for central vision so that you are able to see straight ahead. Dementia is an Alzheimer’s disease that affects the elderly. This condition leads to memory loss and loss of cognitive function.

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