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Patient Safety Archives

Neglect and Abuse Found at Preferred Care Inc. Nursing Home has Reached an Unacceptable Level

There have been many disturbing new documents and reports filed including the facility taking hours to simply bathe and feed elderly patients.  A thorough investigation revealed many areas that were consistently understaffed and poorly managed.  From 2011 to 2014, there were multiple claims of abuse and neglect that led to death or severe injury.

Brain Dead Pregnant Woman's Husband Sues Hospital

As soon as a patient is taken to hospital with severe injuries, it is common for the doctors to do everything they can to save his or her life. The patient might require life support for some time until he or she recovers, or it reaches a point where recovery is not possible, and the life support must be switched off.

The Cost of Bargain Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a multimillion-dollar industry. A nip here and a tuck there to look fabulous are some of the reasons why people prefer this surgery. Indeed, celebrities have contributed to the influx of patients in hospitals seeking this procedure. With results such as self-confidence and a social life, the cost is definitely worth it.

Wrong Site Surgery Medical Malpractices

It is common for the doctor to ask a patient about the part that needs surgery. The doctor can also go ahead and mark this body part to avoid errors during surgery. However, there are still cases where the doctor operates on a perfectly fine body part.

Conditions for Fetal Distress

When it is time for you to have a baby, the one thing you hope for is for the baby to be born healthy without complications. However, there are times when this is not the case. If the attending midwife or OBGYN is not careful, the child can suffer from fetal distress. This happens when the baby does not receive enough oxygen during labor. Indeed, lack of oxygen when the mother is pregnant can also lead to fetal distress.

NYC Medical Malpractice Lawyer and Their Analysis

In Trolman, Glaser and also Lichtman P.C., the NYC medical malpractice lawyer fight to consider care the protection and also well-being of the buyers and also his or her family who have been hurt by health-related negligence. Their own malpractice lawyers serving all New York City deliver years involving encounter for the advice to supply ensure that each one provides the care and also allowances he / she dreams.

Medical Malpractice Cancer Misdiagnosis And Failure To Diagnose

There are times when you fall sick without understanding what you are suffering from. Therefore, you go to the hospital room hoping that the doctor will give you a diagnosis and treatment. This might not be the case. There are times when the doctor fails to diagnose the condition of the patient or offers the wrong diagnosis altogether.

What are the Record Keeping Requirements in a Nursing Home Which Accepts Medicare and Medicaid?

A nursing home must run with utmost professionalism to ensure that the residents receive quality health care while in the home. One of the ways to do this is to keep good records. When these records are in order, the administration will meet the needs of the resident based on the care plan recommended by the doctor.

Study: Children in Hospitals are Often Overmedicated

The worst thing that can happen to your child is when he or she falls sick. You will do everything in your power to ensure that the child gets better. In most cases, the child needs medication to get better. However, some parents and doctors overdo it and this ends up in overmedicating the child.

Federal Regulations Pertaining to Nursing Homes and Caregiver Questions Related to Each

When you take your loved one to a nursing home, all you hope for is that he will receive quality health care while there. Indeed nursing homes have the duty to offer quality health care to these residents. For the federal government to recognize this nursing home and to offer Medicaid and Medicare programs to the residents, it must follow certain regulations. The regulations are as outlined on the US code of federal regulations.

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