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All types of products are supposed to be safe for use or consumption. As manufacturer of products take benefit for selling them, they should take liability if they are defective. Therefore, if you have consumed a defective product and sustained any form of injuries, you ought to contact Manhattan, NY, 10003 New York Abogado lawyers today. You will discuss possibilities of pursuing a lawsuit on product liability with the lawyer and see if it will bare fruits. A good lawyer for this type of case is the one who has been dealing with similar cases for a long time.

At Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman our lawyers know the comprehensive strategy to approach your cases. We will first gather all the necessary facts and inform you the way to go with your cases. If the legal team of the manufacturer comes knocking with an out of cases settlement, we will inform you whether the price on offer is appropriate.  We do not take more pride in out of court settlement, as we don’t fear fighting for full compensation on the floor of the court.  We will also provide you with free consultation and we will only charge you legal fee after the case goes your way.

While arguing your case before a court of competent jurisdiction, there are a number of things our lawyer will bring to the attention of the judge or jury.  Firstly, the product was in a condition that is defective as a result of negligence. Thus, it was unreasonably dangerous even when used for its intended purpose.  Secondly, that, after consuming the defective product, the injuries occurred.  Here, we will prove that you had no pre-conditions that would have lead to the injuries before the intake of the product.  All other factors that may lead to the injuries other than the intake or use of the product should be held constant to prove your case.

Thirdly, you, indeed, suffered emotional, financial, or physical harm as a result of the injuries. Fourthly, the manufacturer did not bring to the attention of the victims the possibility of injuries occurring meaning the victim was innocent.  Finally, that the danger of the product was obvious and open.  This argument will need witty Manhattan, NY, 10003 New York Abogado lawyers and facts have to be collected very carefully.  Sometimes, defective products can affect a number of people in a community. In such cases, all these people will file a class action case. However, it does not deter you from filing an individual case. Call the right lawyer today to review your case.

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